Torba Borba is an ecosystem for convenient shopping and errands

We help seniors stay independent and active by enabling them to complete basic activities of daily living.

Torba Borba promotes a healthier and happier life by enabling senior to stay independent, active.


The containers are adjustable and can be at the same level while shopping. In addition, thanks to a special system, climbing stairs with shopping is no longer a challenge.

No bending over

Containers can be on the same level. Thanks to adjustable bag height system there is no need of bending over to place groceries.

Ability to lean on

Thanks to its stable construction, Torba Borba allows you to lean on it while walking around the store.

No dragging up stairs

Electric motor combined with three wheel system is enabling climbing the stair with almost no force required.  It’s that simple!

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Electric motor combined with three wheel system enables effortress stair climbing.

Thanks to a movable container system, there is no need of bending over to place and retrieve items.

The construction of the bag is so sturdy that you can easily lean on the bag when needed.

Our Journey

10.2016 – 02.2017
The Idea
In 2016 our team participated in Erasmus in Germany whose main challenge was to create an innovation for seniors. This is how the idea for the Torba Borba came about.
10.2016 – 02.2017
02.2018 – 07.2018
Fully Working Prototype
In 2018, we obtained funding from the European Union which allowed us to create the first prototype solution with target materials. We were also able to conduct market research - we held a series of meetings with seniors to tailor the product to their needs.
02.2018 – 07.2018
Funding & Further Development
We are in the process of raising funding to further develop the project. If you are an investor, we would love to meet with you!
Mass Production
Next step is process optimization and mass production. Torba Borba is a product that fits into global trends and can help seniors around the world shop for groceries in a convenient and enjoyable way.

Our Story

The Ecosystem

Torba Borba is not just a product to help you shop conveniently. Thanks to a mobile app it also serves as a gateway between to various digital services.


Torba Borba doesn’t just make grocery shopping something to look forward to. It is also a tool that you can be used to connect with others in your area to shop or help each other out.


The ecosystem

We’re convinced that the bag’s true mission is to be shared and help people connect. That’s why besides the hardware, we  provide tools and best practices on how effectivele share and manage multiple bags for NGOs and community centers.

"[...] projekt-model sieci wsparcia opartej na współdzieleniu “Torby Borby" umożliwiającej zachowanie samodzielności i przyjemności w robieniu zakupów oraz nawiązanie więzi z lokalną społecznością."
"Torba Borba to nowatorski wózek na zakupy dla osób starszych [...]. Wspomaganie napędem elektrycznym i regulacja wysokości koszy – to tylko niektóre innowacyjne funkcje wózka stworzonego z myślą o seniorach."
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"Torba Borba sprawi, że będziemy mogli wykonywać tę czynność nie nadwyrężając barków dźwiganiem ciężarów i pleców schylaniem się! Użytkownikom Torby Borby nie straszne będą schody ponieważ torba ma napęd elektryczny"
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Follow our journey!

At this point Torba Borba is not available for sale. If you are interested in buying one or you want to invest in the project reach us by e‑mail.