Shopping bag of the future

Great design combined with high tech features is what makes Torba Borba the best shopping bag in the world. Its futuristic design turns grocery shopping into a pleasure.

A motorised shopping trolley for the elderly to maintain independence in their daily errands. It promotes a healthier and happier life by enabling people to be active in their immediate environment. Thanks to its proprietary design, it provides greater stability, mobility and avoids bending.

Torba Borba is an electric shopping wheel bag that helps seniors to stay active by making shopping easy and fun.

That is an assistive shopping bag for seniors and the others.

How it was created

From the very beginning Torba Borba was created together with elderly people and with their needs in mind. Our designers worked on prototype solutions and built new versions addressing the comments of the target group.


  • Conducted ethnographic research

  • Conducted user interviews

  • On-site observations in shopping centers

  • Participation in shopping trips

  • Market benchmark of shopping trolleys


  • Concept refined with 40 users through co-creation

  • Prototype verified with 15 users

  • Rental and co-ownership model designed with users


The entire design process is to meet a number of criteria and requirements, both in terms of the appearance and quality of our bag.

However, the main demands placed on the design team can be summed up in two words – Borba is designed to be sophisticated and durable.

Our journey

Summer 2018

End of 2019



January 2022

December 2022


Idea and MVP

Functional model

The first prototype showing the possibilities


Signing the contract with Norway Grants

Fully working prototype

Mass production

Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe